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Course provides an initial exposure to theories of ethics, structured decision-making, and the concepts of social responsiblity. This is a service learning course.

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Risk and rates of return, valuation of securities, financial statement analysis, financial planning, determination of funds requirements, capital structure and cost of capital, analysis of investment opportunities.

Focuses attention on financial management of business enterprises and its relation to other functional areas of management and to general business policy. Extensive use of case problems and/or simulation exercises provides applications of theory to financial decisions involving cash flow management, capital structure planning, capital costs, capital budgeting, dividend policy, and valuation of enterprises operating for profit.

Course examines the concepts, issues, practices, and skills necessary for effective negotiation. Theory, research findings, practice and a variety of negotiation skills and tactics will be presented and practiced. The situational and contextual dimension of negotiation will be emphasized. Additionally, the two fundamental approaches to negotiation strategy, win-win and win-lose, will receive considerable focus. Role play exercises and case study reviews will be utilized to develop understanding of the concepts, strategies, tactics, and skills necessary for effective negotiation.

Marketing process with emphasis on the management point of view. Consideration is given to the role played by marketing in the economy, dynamics of consumer motivation and behavior, and problems including ethical considerations confronted by the business firm establishing an overall marketing program.

Introduction to assessment, formulation, and treatment of common sexual problems across the lifespan. Topics generally include sexual development across the lifespan, gender identity, sexual dysfunctions, sexual health, abortion and infertility counseling, and sexual decision-making.

Students will acquire knowledge of theoretical perspectives related to therapeutic interventions in couples therapy. Assessment, treatment, and techniques appropriate to couples therapy will be covered in this course. Multicultural factors, legal and ethical guidelines, and your personal values will also be addressed.

Provide students with the background for understanding life span development of the "self" and "others" as integrated social, psychological, and physiological beings. Specifically, focuses on cross-generational experiences encompassing post-adolescence, young adulthood, middle age, and the latter part of the life cycle. Attention will be given to special demographics, socialization patterns, role changes, interaction patterns, stereotypes, environmental influences, and critical life events.

Causes and consequences of socially structured inequalities including socioeconomic class, gender, and body image; focuses on U.S. society within the context of globalization.